Top 10 Richest DJs of the World in 2013

DJs is abbreviated word of a set of meaning in which it is referred to those professionals who are expert in editing, composing and delivering entertaining music to the audience. There are many DJs at the moment who are ruling the world of popularity and publicity but here you will get the information about all those top ten DJs who are richest. This is just because of the fact they have passion and devotion in their work and they never look back to any other profession or work to make money. This thing has made them a very favorite figure in the hearts of people who still love to watch them before huge congregation. Let us read about them in this section. Here are top 10 richest DJs of 2013.

10. Afrojack


Run the World, Give me Everything, Lost and Found and Give and Control are the few crystal clear masterpieces of his brilliant professional services in the field of DJ. He is supposed to be richest DJ in the a few years. At the moment, this guy has a bank balance of worth 5 million US dollars.

9. Kaskade


Ryan Raddan is attributed to be his real name who was nominated to be richest DJ in 2010 and in the very next year he was selected to be the America’s best DJ.

8. Avicii


The best nominee of the dance music of sunshine is Avicii who is Swedish richest DJ. He has the honor to be the youngest DJ ever born in this world. he can pick up a handsome money out of his profession that may range up to 7 million US dollars.

7. Deadmau5


The deadmouse of the Canadian DJ is the top quality music composer as well as artist. He has performed many roles in the recordings of most speedy and fast music. Joel Thomas Zimmerman is his real name and he has made his name as dead mouse using his 3G technology and he often uses this feature in performance.

6. DJ Pauly D

DJ Pauly D

He has signed an almost three recent albums that has made him very rich in the list of richest DJ. There are yet many DJs with superb talents but the uniqueness of Pauly is his extraordinary excellence in the editing of music albums. His net worth money business is holding the line of 11 million US dollars.

5. Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia

Axwell, Steve Angelloand Sebastian Ingrosso are the members of this crew of Sweden that was launched in the 2001. These members has emerged with flying colors in the world of rock and roll music albums that took away the breath of Swedish people. They are currently grabbing an almost 10 million US dollars with 45 released albums so far.

4. Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki

Wonderland, Chronicles and East or West are the best-selling album by Steve Aoki who is basically an American DJ and made considerable repute in the world. He has composed many music editions for many movies and performed excellent performance. He has capable of holding 11 million US dollars on monthly basis.

3. David Guetta

David Guetta

David Guetta is a famous singer and DJ of the modern world of rock and boom music. He originally belongs to France and reported many famous editions and albums such as “In his way to home” and “From France with Love”. His recent album named as “Just Care” is at its peak.

2. Tiesto


Verwest is his real name and he is the first DJ who has availed the honor to perform in the Olympics of 2004. His recent album “In my memory” has been released that is currently making his name from street to street of Netherland. He has also performed outstanding music shows in the Dublin, Germany and New York. His monthly receiving may range from 15 to 19 million US dollars.

1. Skrillex


Shrillex was the most famous name in the world of DJs. He is currently earning a net amount of 20 million US dollars and this amount is going to be doubled in the next few years. He has started his career as solo singer and artist with his album named “From the first to the last” and then he ceased its production and started his newly emerged album “My name is Shrillex” that took him to the new heights of fame. He is world’s richest DJ in 2013.

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