Top 10 Richest Countries in the World – 2013

Richest countries ensure not only complete development and progress in the field of domestic strength but also provide incentives and motivations to the neighboring developing countries. It seems very energetic to hear that developed countries of worldwide reputation held a very important role in the world leading countries. Richest countries favor and cooperate with the poor countries to enhance their economic growth and boost up their infra-structure which ultimately help those nations to improve the quality of life. This is very optimistic for both categories of nations for mutual understanding and bilateral agreements. We are going to introduce here the top 10 richest countries of the world in 2013 with their per capita income.

10. Netherlands

Netherlands Currency

The nature has bestowed countless blessings to Netherlands and thus it has become the top richest country which has been providing trade ways to all the European countries. It has nice and assessable location. The overall progress has made this to gain the 42, 918 dollars per year as a per capita income. Netherlands comes at number 10 in the list of richest countries.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland Currency

Switzerland is not only famous for the trips and tours but also attract individuals and tourist from all over the world to exhibit the pleasant and cleanliness. Most of people are literate and carry a suitable profession for their livelihood. In this country, the banking sector is flourishing, thus enabling more and more progress. Sooner or later, it is going to take place in the most developed countries of the world.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Currency

Most promising feature that has turned Hong Kong into prosperous and best countries of the world is free trade and extremely low taxes. The culture and traditions are most likely influenced by Chinese and Koreans. Anyways, the GDP tell us the figure of 44,996 dollars per annum.

7. United States

United States Currency

It goes without saying that United States of America has gained tremendous and excellent growth rate in richness and development on its own. We cannot deny the accelerated momentum of USA in every field of life that it has made up till now. There are natural and synthetic resources to offer employment to the people thus removing the poverty up to maximum extent. The per capita income ranged in 46,874 dollars.

6. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Currency

In the early 1950s, the UAE was suffering from severe financial and state crisis. There was no strong and organized democracy as well as resources were limited to bring a positive change in the nation. When oil was discovered, the per capita production tuned up to 47,694 dollars per year and it began to flourish quite fairly. At present, it has become most powerful and developed countries of the world.

5. Brunei

Brunei Currency

Along with the Norway, the Brunei has also various useful and healthy life and industrial resources which are up grading the nation to the sky limits. Just oil resources are making 90 percent of the gross domestic product of the Brunei. This is the reason that Brunei has keeping speedy scores in the richest countries of the world.

4. Norway

Norway Currency

Let’s talk about another richest and powerful nation whose peoples have strong belief in work and thoroughness. This country is proud of having immense oil resources which are being imported to other countries for huge profit. The per capita income is 51, 959 dollars but yet the country has no strict inflation.

3. Singapore

Singapore Currency

Singapore is educationally and economically become more and more strong nation whose ultimate strength lies in the development of information technology and ever increasing literacy rate. The average per capita income is 56, 498 dollars. Singapore is world’s third richest country of 2013.

2. Luxembourg

Luxembourg Currency

It is a very small nation whose pillars and statistical boundaries are limited and confined. It is located in the center of Western Europe where France and Germany are located. This kind of country has provided enormous prosperity to its dwellers where people live in harmony. The average per capita income ranges from 85,432 dollars to 87, 541 dollars.

1. Qatar

Qatar Currency

Qatar is a beautiful and luxurious country which is leading the top position in the richest countries. There is no excessive and issues pertaining to unemployment and load shedding. It is termed most often as the paradise of the world where per capita income is exceeding 88,222 dollars. This peace oriented country is located at Southwest Asia whose capital is Doha. The stats suggest that Qatar has te heighest per capita income in the world and it is world’s richest country in 2013.

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