Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2013

DJs or simply the DJ is the term mean for those artist or players who play recorded music or recorded entertainment songs for the audience and the public. These are abbreviated for the Disc Jockey. Both male and female DJs are popular in the world and entertain the public many times. Certain kinds of DJs platform which are specially designed for the propagation of music and songs are recorded at national, domestic and international platform but the publicity of female DJs are utmost appreciated and welcomed in the congregation. The sizzling and hottest appearances of these personalities make the public very active during the music and people cannot help themselves waiting for anymore. Here are similar top 10 hottest female DJs who have become very famous in the media news and views. Let’s talk about world’s sexiest DJ in 2013.

10. Tamara Sky

Tamara Sky

The sex appeal, beautiful hair style and perfect art of music delivery end at Tamara sky. Basically, she has offered a very tough and cracking competition to other rivals. Electronic music is her favorite category in which she has experienced a very voice.

9. DJ Niki Belucci

DJ Niki Belucci

She stands as the symbol of erotic and sensual feelings because of her adequate height and charming looks. Niki were found very engaged in photo shooting at the age of 19 but after that she joined the profession. She is one of the best DJs of 2013.

8. Mari Ferrari

Mari Ferrari

Plastic funks, pop thrill and rock and roll were the best released by this Russian hottest DJ. She has made several records in her professional career. She is 8th hottest DJ in the world at the time.

7. Keli Hart

Keli Hart

Breaks, Electro, Tech and Progressive House are the beast brand names of her titled music blends. She has gained reputation and worthy beauty in the magazines, commercials and the world of glamor. She has been referred as most glamorous DJ of Australia where her popularity is increasing day by day.

6. DJ Claudia Cazacu

DJ Claudia Cazacu

At present, she has been regarded as the most anticipated, bold, and innovative hot female DJ of USA. Her genera of music fall in trance but she is capable of holding something especial and worthy abilities. In an interview she argued about launching her DJ club in the Moscow. In her last year, she had topped the ranking of the best DJ of the world.

5. DJ Juicy M

DJ Juicy M

The creamy beauty belongs to the Ukraine where she has made herself a very respectable celebrity. Her music genres are popular all over the Europe but particularly in the Argentina, USA, UK and her native country. She has almost attended more than 200 venues where her talents and skills in music were witnessed.

4. Lisa Kensington

Lisa Kensington

The girl who has dares to deliver the quality of music with the elements of attitude, gracefulness and enjoyment is the Lisa Kensington who was born in the UK. Her childhood predicted her afterlife in which she had put the people in great astonishment. The way she blends the rims and twist of pop and rock is totally superb. Due to her hottest glimpse, she is also actin as DJ model for a magazine.

3. Kellie Acreman

Kellie Acreman

She belongs to UK group of high honey lover competition. She had lastly performed many festivals where her stunning music performance imparted a lot of joys and entertainment. She is only 27 years old and carries most attractive hair style and figure to grasp the attention of the people. At the moment, she is regarded as the sexiest DJ of UK.

2. DJ Sam Cooke

DJ Sam Cooke

The smart and slim Sam Cooke loves music and played her first set in February 2009. He is part of the glamor model “headphones heels”. She has performed as DJ all around the world including China, India and America and appears regularly at Department of Sound and support in Manchester. Sam loves lots of diverse sorts of music but DJ’s house and UK funky. She’s also started to move behind the camera and is evidently a fellow of many bents.

1. Charlotte Narni

Charlotte Narni

This is the top most sizzling DJ of the current years who has amazed the audience with her latest shows that are currently being aired on radio station. She has also performed many exclusive shows in the Srilanka, Georgia and the Virginia state but the most promising and awesome performance was seen in the Singapore where most of her fans were gathered to present a tribute to her.

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