Top 10 Best Martial Arts Movies of 2013

It goes without saying that martial arts and fighting movies represent the best part of all the movies and earn a lot of money on yearly basis. There are seldom or few individuals who did not like the martial arts movies but there are countless people who are spending their whole pocket money in watching these kinds of movies through the year in cinemas. These movies are stunning, usually breathtaking because of multiple features. The art of getting huge appreciation is due to incredible tricks of martial arts, genuine stunts, Kung Fu styles and original fight scenes. Similarly, actors and characters associated in these pictures become famous in performing all of these actions. Here we go towards top 10 best martial arts movies of 2013.

10. Iceman Cometh

Iceman Cometh

Ice Cometh has managed to make its name in the list of top martial arts movies. Two combating soldier or fighters are in freezing condition for long time in the chilling chambers and soon after they were thawed, they appear before each other to turn up against each other in a cracking fight.

9. Special Identity

Special Identity

It is going to be the best metropolitan movies of its own kind in the category of martial arts. The movie was framed in a city of terror and fear where you have to survive through using your own skills and performance. Special Identity is the 9th best martial arts movie of 2013.

8. Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

Usually these titles depict a great manifestation of story and action. Here is the different mode of the story in which a laborer moves his way to the city in search of earning some wages but he was indulged in a situation where his Kung Fu and martial arts skills help him to survive. It is 8th best Kung Fu movie in 2013.

7. Journey to the West

Journey to the West

Stephen Chow has directed and written this master piece of martial arts in China in which the Chinese priest make his way to the India and hence during they travel they have to fight and combat many monsters. The film is well documented, armed with various weapons dealing with martial arts.

6. The Guillotines

The Guillotines

It is the most fascinating martial arts movie made ever in the bunch of other movies because it has 3D actions and slow motion scene that can drag you in the movie in real sense. The hero performs his winning capabilities through flying swords in the Chinese court of justice.

5. Painted Skin 2 – The Resurrection

Painted Skin 2 - The Resurrection

The painted skin has a peculiar story that revolves around a horrifying vampire or some kind of spirit who lures the people to the love and ultimately takes their lives. The trailer has shown the love scenes but it has fight and other stunning actions which are worth of viewing and admiring.

4. Tai Chi Hero

Tai Chi Hero

Tai Chi is trusted magic or some kind of philosophical thoughts which are used by a child who is striving his best to save the village from savages and wild creatures having strange machines and other deadly weapons. The story offers you a plenty source of entertainments and fun. It is going to make its name in the top rated martial arts movies.

3. The Grandmasters

The Grandmasters

The Grandmasters is a story of IP Man which was being filmed in the previous movie session and found a satisfactory response. Here a new movie is coming soon to remind you the stunts and kicks of the Bruce lee with new actions and styles. It is going to make huge business in the Box Office.

2. Tom Yum Goong 2

Tom Yum Goong 2

Tom Yum would offer great competition of this movie with the Jackie Chan since both actors possess the same qualities o martial arts but yet Jackie is experienced and talented one. Tony Jaa is a new hero with new emerging young blood. He has previously made tremendous movies which made him outstanding. It will surely make huge business in the present year.

1. Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac

It is the best martial arts movie of 2013 which has put back all the previous movies in a single sweep. Starring, Jackie Chan has performed, once again, terrible and gigantic stunts and surprised the audience and viewers. He has come back in this movie to remind his best action scene with funny memories. He has to keep alive the Chinese traditional sculpture and this aim puts him in a great fighting scene.

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  1. Sit Num Noi says:

    four down, two to go, although Jackie Chans Chinese Zodiac is something Im not used to, its strange looking some missing spice, maybe because he really is getting old, oh well its still good, thumbs up!

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