Top 10 Best First Person Shooter Games in 2013

Ever since the origins of 3D games have come through in the world of information technology, first person shooter games have started to develop. Due to the fact, action movies manifest shooter elements as their integral components and war movies also include these features, thus first person shooter games are the best and top favorite games for the entertainer. Up till now, information technology has made a tremendous progress in new game cards, 3D graphics and updates processors just because of these heavy action loaded games which provide real, thrilling and astonishing kind of entertainment at your door step. Under given are those first person shooter games which are the thirst for the year 2013. Also share your views on top 10 best FPS games of 2013 after playing these games.

Shooter Gun

10. The War Z

This game is just like to those games where running is the final way to keep oneself alive. Destructive aliens have risen up and become trained shooters against the player. You have to be very vigilant to kill them all in order to create peace in the city. The War Z is 10th best best FPS games to be played in 2013.

9. Metro: Last Night

This game has been focused on the science fiction and characters created in horror events that have been raised to kill and subsequently act like scavengers against the player. The game has beaten the previous game named Metro.

8. Bioshock Infinite

The agent brook, first person shooter and hero of the game sets up a wire against gang mafia and society killer of the Columbia. They have kept a fugitive named Elizabeth who has been kidnapped and the agent has to rescue her at any cost. Thus the story begins and the player enjoys the first person tactical and refines shoots in the city of wealthiest.

7. Survarium

This is a classical and a little bit horror first person shooter game. In this game, there are to available modes of entertainment i.e. team versus team and team versus environment. You have to fight with the horrifying surrounds which has been destroyed due to catastrophic attack. All you need is to survive using your shooting weapons.

6. Kill Zone: Mercenary

It is the production of VS Vita shooter game series and entitled to include those elements which prove to be very awesome when utilized. The player can earn scores, equipments and weapons upon efficient completion of the contracts. At the same time, target killing is strictly followed by the player. In the year 2013, it has regained appreciable remarks.

5. Battlefield 4

Here is charming news for the game lovers, EA has decided to put before the world the Battlefield 4 which you guys know is a trilogy game. The previous game has successfully rated among the best first person shooter games.Since, it is also a great strategy and war game which has enhanced its demand throughout the gaming zone.

4. Shootmania: Storm

Shootmaniac entered and revolves around the use of various weapons such as rocket launcher, light snipers and firing weapons. The game mimics the previous version of the game named Tresmonia. However, it provides considerable pleasure as it is a little bit speedy and contain thriller. The viewer’s willingly place this game in the list of best first person shooter game.

3. ArmA III

ArmA III is multiple and enhanced shooter game and supposed to be released in 2013. In this game, the graphics and supportive elements depict the year 2030s where army combat the European armies and forbidden them to invade and penetrate. The first person shooter leader organizes and plans his army which initiated a very exciting game.

2. Prey 2

It is the trilogy game of the previous version of Prey which was released and admired successfully in 2005. The game was centered on first person shooter, the US Marshall who was indulged in the alien world and became a bounty hunter. The game has made valuable position as first person shooter game and powered by human head studios.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

It has been a great trilogy game for the year 2013 because the previous versions were the unfinished parts of this game. The modern warfare 4 the Chinese and the Korean army are going to appear to wipe out the blacklisted remnants of Villain Markov. In the present year, it has been put at top most anticipated first person shooter game in its other rivals. The best first person shooter game to play in 2013 is Call of Duty: Modern warfare 4 which is a sequel.

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