Top 10 Weirdest Jobs of 2013

Employment is essential for one’s living and the ultimate survival in this society. For this purpose, people have to do jobs to earn sufficient amount of money to meet the daily needs. However, there are certain kinds of unusual jobs about which you cannot even think to go up with them. Yet people are doing such kind of strange jobs and these are usually called as weird jobs. Sometimes, it is the trend or an urgent need to do a weird job or a one’s mental evaluation that what we call the weird, strange or odd. Indeed, all types of jobs are good in respect, on their own status and hold reason behind the regular running of economic and ecological system. There are many jobs that people don’t want to do and run away from those disgusting jobs. We cover up our discussion with the following top 10 weirdest jobs of 2013 which people do not want to do at any cost but still some are doing these weirdest jobs of 2013.

10. Egg Smeller

Egg Smeller

Eggs are collected in the poultry farm for bakery and cooking purpose. They are mostly sold from the source of collection to the market. Thus, these eggs are evaluated for cracks, misshape, bad smells and subsequently separated from the healthy eggs. When it comes to talk about egg smeller, you have to make your digestive system immune against ill thoughts.

9. Roadkill Cleaner

Roadkill Cleaner

Road accidents due to animals and birds are not common but fewer of them look like very odd and strange. The roads appear dirty and embarrass the passengers and particularly the drivers. Among weird jobs, road kill cleaner is set up to be comical then eccentric and peculiar.

8. Rodent Catcher

Rodent Catcher

Rodents have their loving home in the corners of houses, kitchens and wheat storage rooms and impart significant losses. A weird job offer is published to hire the rodent catcher to clean up this irritating mess. Warren Beatty, a famous actor, has already done the weirdest kind of job in his adolescence.

7. Grave Digger

Grave Digger

You were called again and again after some duration to dig grave for a dead man and you have to do this unusual and quite strange work. People get afraid from the idea of a grave digger and imagine how much they get fear from a grave digger. It is the most strange in the line of unusual kind of job as you become connected with the cemetery.

6. Vomit Collectors

Vomit Collectors

Play parks, playgroup halls and other relaxing places met the cases of vomiting and nausea conditions because children minds are found to be in the air during the peak of play and occasionally, they vomit showing not to hold on their temperament. Vomit collectors clean these kinds of stuffs in the ground.

5. Chicken Sexer

Chicken Sexer

Chicken sexers are the professionals who make the sexes separate after hatching through the eggs in the hatcheries. It needs speediness and quick judgment to do this thing happen. This weird job is also found boring and time consuming for the labor categories and technicians.

4. Sweeper


To be a sweeper is a strange kind of job which is being adopted by most of the third class people of the society. Generally, it is considered to fit those people who are very low of status and literacy rate. Sweeper sweeps the houses and maintains cleanliness within the whole house.

3. Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

It sounds weirdest then to think or do in practical sense. Veterinary assistant has to put his arm in animal ass to test the pregnancy and sometimes he has to collect the dung and feces of different animals in veterinary hospital. Can you do all of this? Really, you are thinking exactly against it.

2. Waste Treatment Worker

Waste Treatment Worker

Ever since the establishments of commercial industries have resulted in the waste disposal, the waste treatment workers are set up on their way to this stuff. They have to collect, disposed and buried all the waste in a dungeon. This strange job is totally ridiculous in spoken and discussion matters.

1. Lab worker

Lab worker

For a person who has attained a higher secondary school certificate or who is not well literate has to meet up with his needs with this weird job tile. He has to manage and keep the lab clean in all aspect for most of the time. A lab worker has also undergone lab routine experiments with the students that sound very exhausting. Lab working is the weirdest job to do in 2013.

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