Top 10 Super Hit Bollywood Hindi Songs of 2013

Songs are the triggering sentimental elements of romantic thoughts for human beings. Since ancient times, Mughal emperors and other rulers used to listen songs to sooth and relax themselves. Nowadays, these are most commonly called as the food for soul. Apparently, Indian movies are overwhelming the music industry in India as well as in India and thus people are more prone to listen Hindi songs. The current year is probably the best year for Hindi songs because super hit movies were released in this year and yet more movies are going to be released in few next months. The Indian directors and the male and female singers have extraordinary potential to sing most beautiful and emotional songs to arouse your cravings. Most of the hit Hindi movies from Bollywood have super hit songs. These songs are very much popular in India and Pakistan. As Hindi is very much near to Urdu, so music listeners from Pakistan understand Hindi music very well. You should listen these super hit Bollywood Hindi songs of 2013. Following are the top 10 best Bollywood songs collected from a wide range of songs of 2013.


10. Disco Song (Student of the Year)

It is more commonly called as the party song of the said movie. The song was took place in a bar surrounded by many dancer and the party guest. It has immensely impressed the audience in terms of high noise, hip hop pop music and the dance. Disco Song is 10th most hit Hindi song from Bollywood movies.

9. Mashallah (Ek Tha Tiger)

The song was sung by a famous singer on Bollywood in which the singer mainly appreciates the beauty of his lover including her eyes, face, hair and the gait. Starring, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan were the participating actors in this song. The movie made huge business due to this song and became as symbolic element of this movie.

8. Rani Tu Men Raja (Son of Sardar)

“I am your lover and you are mine” are the meanings of the repetitive title of this song. Sanjy Dutt along with female dancers has showed break dance with the pop music of the song. The foot work and body movements were superb and therefore people admired this song very much. The movie got hit for this super hit song.

7. Balma (Khiladi 786)

Balma means the “Lover”, thus the song revolves around the significance of the lover. The singer has stressed many important meanings for the definition of love centered on the lover of the girl. It can be well played in marriage parties to make it more gorgeous and arranged.

6. Ishq Wala Love (Student of the Year)

“Passionate love” is the English translated meaning of this song. In this song, the singer sings about the beauty of the love in a most beautiful and attractive manners. He mimics the love with the beautiful nature, flowers, rainbows and other pretty elements of nature. It would really possess stimulating romance provoking statements.

5. Radha (Student of the Year)

Radha is another attention diverting song for the song lovers. It was released in the movie framed on the students’ life at college. Radha is a pretty lady who has attractive styles and lures the people towards her stunning beauty. The sketch and the dance is smooth and attractive and did not irritate your feelings.

4.Teri Lut Lag Gai (Race 2)

This super doper song is equipped with bumpy actions and arousing pop music pictured on Saif Ali Khan. It is mostly popular as the best item song of the year 2013 in which a club dancer heroine beautifully danced synchronizing with the music of the song. Do not miss to hear this most popular song of Bollywood.

3. Dagabaaz Re ( Dabanng 2)

It is a bit 3D action movie in which the beautiful camera work was focused on Salman Khan, another top Khan from the Bollywood industry. The top rated song is a mixture of fun and humor elements characterized and enhanced by pop and classical music. The singer is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

2. Jee Le Zarra (Tallaash)

Starring, Amir Khan, has directed and produced the movie which was of suspense and thrilling nature. The song represents the elements of hope and thirst to get rid of the loneliness. It has a very good food for satisfaction and to relax in a cool and calm moments.

1. Sanns (Jab Tak Hai Jaan)

The most romantic movie of the year 2013 was named as “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” which was pictured on Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan and both of these are the erotic celebrities of Bollywood. The super hit song illustrates the intense and aren’t meanings of love for the male partner sung by the female. Whenever you listen this song, you cannot help feeling gloom for a while. This song is the most popular and most listened song of 2013.

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