Top 10 Richest Soccer Players in 2013

Richest soccer players depend wholly on their enactment in the football stadiums. They earn money just because of their magnificent performance in the stadium and the respective clubs or group which sponsor these players. Few clubs pay them really very huge money while others do the same keeping in focus player annual status. Soccer fans have been anxiously waiting to see the list of all those players who have become richest in the current year. It is very difficult to shortlist these players because matches are going on with every passing day and these players are earning money day by day. You cannot draw a line of demarcation but yet here are those top 10 players who get most of the money from soccer. Football is world’s most popular game which shows interest level of people in Soccer that is why footballers are the sportsmen who earn a lot. You can check our list of top 10 richest soccer players in 2013.

10. Ricardo Kaka


As long as Kaka has his skills as a finest player he can earn whatever he demands either from English premium league or a world popular soccer club. He is placed at this number because, he has most of his concerns with performance rather than keeping bags full of money. Anyways, he has a total salary of £ 12.9 million.

9. Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure

Let us put a glance on the statistical chart of this player who belongs to the Manchester city. In 2012, he earned € 17.6 while at present he is gaining money at the net rate of £12 million. Recently, he has signed an agreement with the Nike sports club team for an advertisement.

8. Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero

Sergio is physically strong and big guy of the soccer world. He has guts and tricks to put the ball in goal within short time to change the side of match. His skills can be well-liked at the mid side of the ground where crucial events take place. Currently, he is leading the Manchester city club with an income of £ 26 million.

7. Sol Campbell

Sol Campbell

When he was leaving unknowingly for his best match, he was not so optimistic but when he performed and wins the title of FIFA Player of the Year. He began to feel himself in the skies. People like his style of playing. In the current list, he is able to make £ 28 million. He was offered to play from various renowned soccer clubs of the world.

6. Wayne Rooney


He has major contract with Nike and EA sports. Rooney is the English player and luckily, he was put at the top most position in English premier league due to his countless assets and money. He is considered as the goal machine of the England cricket team. He is one of the highly paid soccer player in UK. In the list of richest soccer players of 2013, he is at 6th position.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is the clever and quicker dodger of the Portugal team who has been interestingly explored in the social websites. He is not only the richest player but also most popular due to his tricky leg skills and performance. He was the richest figure last year but now he is at 5th position with an annual income of $28.5 million.

4. David Beckham


Beckham is the former captain of English football team. David has collected a total amount of $31.5 million and most of his income comes from various resources directly or indirectly related to the soccer clubs. He is the most awaited thriller soccer player for the viewers.

3. Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler

The way Robbie played in the English premier league was worth of watching and appreciating. He has leaded the forward position with beautiful push up. Regarding his wealth status, he has gathered overall money of £30 million in his different bank accounts. Robbie Fowler is third richest football player in 2013.

2. Michael Owen

Michael Owen

Michael Owen has come up at this position due to his excessive money (net 95 million $) which has given him a great back up. He is the son of tom Owen who was a former and well known soccer player. Owen has kept himself attached with Barcelona and then moved to Ronaldo for some duration.

1. Lionel Messi


You will be surprised to hear that the three time winner of the FIFA player of the year is Lionel Messi who has become the top richest soccer player at the moment. At present, he is representing FC Barcelona, a famous soccer club. His net worth of money is almost $110 million which has been increasing at the rate of 2 million annually. Messi is surely the best player of the world but also highly and most paid footballer of 2013. Lionel Messi is the richest soccer player in 2013.

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