Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of 2013

Ever since the human being realized to wear clothes, textile industry flourished to prepare cloth brands for the propagation of dress markets in the world. Cloths impart a new and cognitive kind of look to your personality regardless of the personality. If you are wearing beautiful and attractive clothes then you must be an eye witness of every person. On the other hands, old fashioned cloth brands and styles are outdated in the modern world where industry in progressing day by day fashion. Both men and women have affinity to these fashion wearing and this feature is becoming popular throughout the world. Here we are going to introduce new cloth brands for you. Have a look at top 10 most expensive clothing brands of 2013 for men and women before moving to the next post.

10. Armani

Armani Clothing

Armani is the old name in the cloth manufacturing particularly jeans and T shirts. The cloths designs are further recommended by the authorized fashion designers and boutique shops. It is the only brand that has been extensively sold out throughout the world and earned huge name. where there is great seasonal variation, the Armani cloths are best to adopt in those seasons.

9. Fendi

Fendi Clothing

Fendi is the experienced and old fashion brand which has made its worth and recognition in leather and luxurious products. Basically, it was first originated in Rome and then flourished to America and Great Britain and so on. The products and art of pieces are remarkably exceptional in attraction and charming appeal.

8. Dior

Dior Clothing

The prestigious reputation of Dior has been enhanced after including new products like perfumes, bags, sun glasses, women wear and other fashion wearing. There are various other items which are being marketed and exported by Dior to other countries but the most appreciable fabric wearing is the female purse and handbags. It is 8th most costly fashion brand of men and women in the world when it comes to clothing because people are addicted to the clothing of Dior.

7. Versace

Versace Clothing

It goes without saying the Versace is the sole clothing brand which is known by each individual of the world. This brand has introduced a variety of fashion wear for both men and women, thus, leaving no space for the competing rivals. Most fashion designers and artist have recommended Versace a seasonal clothing brand. It is one of the best fashion brand for clothing and other accessories for men and women.

6. Hermes

Hermes Clothing

It is a fact that Hermes is the most luxurious and dreamed brand throughout the world because of multiple range of items. There are watches, jewelry and handbags which are being prepared by the Hermes. However, certain limitations have made it restricted to few countries. Summer collection has fantastic fashion wearing for men and women. These cloths are extensively adopted in Italy and other European countries.

5. Burberry

Burberry Clothing

The cute and romantic clothing brand in the cloth industry which has been rewarded to be advertised by many celebrities and artists of fashion designers. Cotton and silk dresses are quite impressive and look charming upon wearing. Most of the models look pretty handsome in introducing new designs of Burberry. When it comes to cost, Burberry is ranked 5th in the list of costly brands of clothing.

4. Chanel

Chanel Clothing

Chanel has no match in introducing many expensive clothing brands as well as new designs both for men and women. The uniqueness of the clothing brands lies in the fact that this brand does not copy other styles and thus maintains its own existence. Quality shades, skin care items and beauty products are also named after Chanel. Girls love the name of this fashion brand because it is one of the most popular fashion brand of the world.

3. Valentino

Valentino Clothing

The aristocratic society’s choice falls in Valentino because of the boldness and peculiar styles of clothing which are very famous in terms of great requirements and clothing trends. There are other clothing brands which have not yet took top positions. Valentino are particularly liked by women and teen girls of rich societies. It is a fact which one can not deny that Valentino is the best clothing brand for weddings. Brides prefer to have Valentino wedding dresses but the only issue which this brand is its high price.

2. Gucci

Gucci Clothing

Gucci is the second leading clothing brand in terms of cost and competition. It has many rivals but yet it has not been dismissed from top ten lists. Shoes, skirts, hand bags and other embroidery textile items are furnished and developed by Gucci. It is an Italian brand which can dominate the emerging fashion trends in no time. Gucci is 2nd most expensive clothing brand this year.

1. Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana Clothing

Dolce and Gabbana need no words to describe the popularity and grace of their brands. It is the most famous and desirable dressing brand in the Italian culture. Other products of D&G are also in the markets and selling like hot cakes. The print and texture quality of the dress has no match through the world. D&G is the most expensive clothing brand of the world in 2013.

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