Top 10 Most Affordable Laptops for College Students in 2013

Laptops are selling nowadays like hot cakes just because of easy handling and management. Students look to find that kind of laptop which must be cheap, good running capacity and long lasting capacity of the laptop. There are various costly laptops that cannot be afforded by the most of the students yet there are other laptops which are considered best and demand relatively lesser amount of money. Students can easily get maximum work out of them and at the same time enjoy the entertainment. This article will let you know the most affordable laptops for the college students with introduction of their specifications and properties. If you are a student and have low budget then you should choose laptop from this list of laptops. Here are top 10 best laptops for students in 2013 with prices and specifications.

10. Dell Inspiron 14z

Dell Inspiron 14z

Dell seems to be the most popular brand of students because laptops of Dell are low budget laptops. As far as the specifications of this affordable laptops are concerned, this original dashing model of dell has no match in modern looks. It is equipped with Intel Core i5 supported by 4GB of RAM.

9. Asus X53E

Asus X53E

A budged savor laptop that can fulfill all the requirement demanded by majority of the students and youngsters. Best quality audio and video files with a smooth and soft well spread keyboard. If you want quality laptop for low price then Asus X53E is one of the best choices given in this post.

8. Fujitsu Lifebook AH531

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531

Fujitsu Lifebook is a great laptop for life long use and act as permanent companion of students. Most importantly, net and web browsing is excellent and put back other rivals. If you have to find out research papers, explore books and data then it is gonna pay you a lot with in short time and duration.

7. Toshiba Satellite C660 2F7

Toshiba Satellite C660 2F7

Toshiba Company is renowned in the laptop manufacturing due to their efficient batteries with prolonged life and durability as compared to other companies. It has sandy core dual core processor with a large screen that can harbor HD and Blu-ray video files smoothly. Satellite models are sold as best rated laptops. It has webcam, internal mic and a Sandy card micro card space.

6. Lenovo B570

Lenovo B570

The Chinese company Lenovo has move forwarded by introducing the Lenovo B 570 laptop in the category of cheap student laptops. The keyboard setup is set in such a way that offers smooth and quick typing, the most important thing required by the students. Moreover, 15.2 inch screen coated with TFT and 4GB RAM collectively demonstrate synergistic functioning for windows XP and Windows 7.

5. Dell D630

Dell D630

It is commonly called as D30 laptop that is frequently used by mediocre and low level income students. It is best rated for small family usage because of 80 GB hard disk capacity and core to duo processor. The screen resolution is a little bit smaller but offers satisfactory results. The price value of this laptop currently holds $410 which is quite affordable for a student of graduation. This most affordable laptop is at 5th position in the list of best student laptops.

4. Asus X54H

Asus X54H

Asus N54H large screen laptop falls in the category of most economical and charming appearance laptop for the students. It possesses 4 GB functional RAM with 1.5 GHz Celeron processor. It can run effectively Widows 7 applications and programs with durability and good maintenance guarantee. It has maximum hard disk capacity in which you can store a lot of movies, audio and pdf files of your study material.

3. Samsung NC10

Samsung NC10

Samsung has presented a superb masterpiece of 10 inch mini screen laptop for college a student which is not only affordable but also cheap and good looking in appearance and shape. Regarding its features, it has 2 GB of RAM with 1.6 GHz of Intel Atom processor. It is light in weight with long battery timing.

2. Acer Aspire 5750

Acer Aspire 5750

Acer has introduced Aspire 5750 which has 4 GB of RAM, 300 GB of hard disk with 15.2 inch screen. It is available in black and silver color and gives fantastic results and performance under good care. Most of the students found it quite satisfactory and a number of favorable comments were found against its suitable prices.

1. Dell 6400

Dell 6400

Dell 6400 is considered as the most suitable and most affordable laptop for the students. It can be easily purchased just at 4100 US dollars and carry a running RAM of 2GB. This laptop has 320 GB hard that is more than enough for research and paper data. The body has silver color and a stronger consistency to avoid external damage. The best laptop for students to buy in Dell 6400 because it is the most affordable laptop.

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  1. William says:

    you have posted so informative blog here which is too good for all of us who are searching laptops in low price or in affordable price. you have mentioned here top ten products which is too good. thanks for this article. really informative. i want to say that if it includes its specification or features then this blog will be awesome. thanks again.

  2. jex2013 says:

    I love the color white and Samsung NC10 really catches my eyes. It is one of the affordable laptops that i can buy and it’s just perfect for my work!

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