Top 10 Best Assault Rifles of All Time

No doubt, nations and realms have to protect its sovereignty and existence by making its defense system stronger and consistent yet when the conflict or clash develops between two nations is really uncertain. You must have to use certain kinds of specially designed weapons in order to create or inflict something very violent suggesting quick death and bloodshed. Thus, the term assault rifles rose up from this concept and weapons producing companies have manufactured many such deadly rifles. Assault is a broad term which is being commonly used in the military and war purpose. The top 10 all-time best assault rifles are compiled below for your review. Let us know what do you think about these assault rifles included in this list of top 10.

10. StG 44

StG 44

When the race among weapon industry flourished at its initial footsteps, StG 44 was invented as the first masterpiece manufactured by the Germany and used exceptionally in the World War II. It possesses a telescope with dual function of partially or completely auto reloading and worked under gas operated role. Previously, it was also known as MP 43 and MP 44.

9. Steyr AUG

Steyr AUG

It has a range of 2700 meter and considered as the routinely used weapon in the Australian police and military force. The weapon has been imported to other nations including New Zealand, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. It is equipped with a fine telescope at its dorsal surface. It has gas operated piston with a range of 700 rounds per minute.



The FAMAS is another assault rifle whose design was created by Paul Tellie and manufactured by Nexter in France during the late 1970. It has somewhat small size, rectangular shape with a target range of 3200 meter. It was used in Lebanon and Bosnian war. It has an action of lever delayed blow-back and a shooting range of 3200 meters.

7. SVT 40

SVT 40

Fedor Tokarev invented the SVT 40 assault rifle based on gas operated principle as others principles were found in vain. It is the weapon of the soviet union and used as a lethal weapon in Chinese world war and World War II. It has the advantage of self-reloading and elongated structure enables the user to hit the target at right position.



This gas operated, light weight and self-reloaded assault rifle has been used extensively due to its selective and ease of use in military operations. It was originated by the Belgium weapon manufacturing unit and also called the right arm of the free world because it was mostly used in NATO operations. This rifle has been ranked on 6th number in the list of best assault rifles.

5. HK 416

HK 416

The German origin assault rifle fulfills the demands of a very good weapon in the war and nasty operations. The HK is abbreviation of Heckler & Koch who invented this great rifle. It has rendered its duties in Iraq and Afghanistan war. It possesses 20-30 round magazine with rotating bolt and a short stroke piston it exist in more than 5 different varieties.

4. M16 Rifle

M16 Rifle

The US manufactured light weight M-16 rifle was an extensively used assault rifle in the history wars including Iraq, Afghanistan, Gulf, Vietnam and in a special operation of the USA called as the Jungle Operation. M-16 features 700 shots in a minute with an automatic fire system which makes it 4th best assault rifle in the list.

3. ACR


ACR stands for the adaptive combat rifle and it is the advance assault weapon right after the Massada adoptive combat system. The Massada was a simple version but 3.4kg ACR rifle was the replacement version of M-16 invented in Colorado. Due to its efficiency, it gets 3rd position in top 10 best assault rifles of the world.



Scar was the special operation for the US army and thus the US special command officer generated a more comprehensive weapon to conduct this operation. It has a large range equipped with light beam to focus the object to be killed. The recoiling phenomenon is incredible and the weight of the rifle is approximately light and easy to handle. FN SCAR is the second best assault rifle in the list of top 10 assault rifles.

1. AK-47


It is the ancient and first introductory rifle in the list of more advanced assault rifles. People are using the AK-47 in various action movies directed by famous directors, 3D war and combat games and more pronouncedly in the army. The reloading is quick and a number of hunts can be taken down with a single burst. It can shot out 750 bullets within a single minute. It is Russian origin weapon and AK-47 was used because most of the people call it with this name in the western areas. In the present age, AK-47 can be seen in the hands of Talibans. This assault rifle has been named as best in all time assault rifles.

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One Response to “Top 10 Best Assault Rifles of All Time”

  1. Dave B says:

    Um. SVT40? Not an assault rifle.
    To be an assault rifle (based on definition) the firearm must follow the criteria:
    1. Have select fire capabilites (Semi-Full, Semi-Burst, Burst-Full, note it does not need to have a safety).
    2. Have a detachable magazine (SVT40 does have one)
    3. Fire an intermediate cartridge (SVT40 does not, it fires the 7.64x54R cartridge)

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