Top 10 Must Watch Movies of 2013

Movies have been an integral component of the entertainment since long time ago. We can witness our ancestors and grandfathers who argue that movies were seen during those days with great interest and passion on large screen which we know called as cinemas. Nevertheless, cinemas are still promoting the Hollywood and Bollywood movies all over the world. It is just because of the fact that movies have multidimensional aspects of entrainment, and people find their own one to whom they wish to see in large screen or at laptop. Hollywood is known to be the king in producing and developing movies consisting of many genres like action, horror, suspense, adventure, science fiction and mystery. Every year more action movies are produced as compared to romantic movies. The most of the upcoming movies of 2013 are action thrillers. These movies are expected to be the blockbusters and super hits of 2013. Check out the following list of must watch upcoming movies of 2013.

10. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

As the movie lovers are well aware about the previous part of iron man i.e., Iron Man and Iron Man 2. This is an exemplary movie in the field of robots and mechanical technology. The movie basically revolves around a famous hero who has also played role in Avengers and covered himself around a mechanically designed iron dress which supports him in flying and fighting with the notorious enemies of his nation. The Iron man 3 is coming soon with the new fighting strategies of Iron man. This action movie will be released on 24th April, 2013 and it is expected that this upcoming action will be super hit of this year.

9. Thor: The Dark World

Thor The Dark World

Mighty Thor is the series previously followed by Thor and The Avengers. It is centralized around a character named Thor who has the supreme power in his hammer to hit and kill the opponent. Exciting features includes the fight between the Thor and the mighty enemy, Thor uses his powerful hammer that can be only used by himself and not by any other one. The Thor has already fought with great defense and bravery to defeat the enemy. Now in this movie he is coming back with more power.

8. A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard

Bruce Wills the hero of movie series with the name Die hard and played featured movies in his career. He has recently signed many movies in Hollywood and this movie depicts the scene and styles of Die Hard. The plot of the movie is simple, Bruce wills goes to save his son on a mission and found that he is already trapped in CIA and then together with his son he combats with the underworld. A Good Day to Die Hard will be released on Valentine’s Day but it is not a romantic film so no luck for lovers this time but there is one movie for lovers in this list.

7. Parker


Parker is the action based movie rated brilliant in the upcoming year. Jason Statham is the shining super star hero of the movie, who has left dead by the crew of his men. Jason has played the role of a thief and he saves his own life and plays a very tricky game against his crew using professional code of ethics that they trapped themselves and cannot do anything until his aid is provided. This thriller will be released in January and Jennifer Lopez will be seen in this upcoming movie.

6. The Fast and the Furious 6

The Fast and the Furious 6

Justin Lin is the director of The Fast and Furious 6 which is most exciting and thrilling action movie of 2013. The director has signed Van Diesel and Paul Walker in to his movie to perform incredible action scenes using the racing cars. As in the previous series of this movie, the heroes have showed many stunts that are found to be very impressive among the movie lovers.

5. Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

It is a horror and violent base movie showing the killing and hunting of two siblings named Hansel and Gretel. Both of the partners kill the witches and vampires found everywhere with their lethal weapons that torn apart their body into pieces. The movie is in 3D version and has many shots in slow motion which are worth watching and appreciating.

4. Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan is another thrilling and exciting movies starring Jack Ryan who works for the Central Intelligence agency (CIA) to detect the serial and contract killers. In this movie, he uncovers the Russian terrorist who has the plan to destroy the US economy by a gigantic bomb blast. The hero chases the killer and kills him but the intervening complex situation is very enthralling to watch. This movie will be released later this year on Christmas.

3. R.I.P.D.


Ryan Reynolds is the main character of the movie acting as a cope. He works with his other cope companions of the police department and tries to find out the person who made an unsuccessful attempt to kill him. He has to suffer many hurdles and finds himself in hell of plights o find out the reality. Indeed, the movie is a complex set of events involving in a complex story. This movie is action thriller as with the blend of seriousness and comic elements.

2. Oblivion


The favorite of all, the handsome, Tom Cruise is again starring in this movie with his routinely used serious style and suspense look. The hero plays a role of the last soldier of the earth as rest of his men died in fighting with the alien forces. Now what you expect from this last soldier? He has to face the remaining enemies left over in the last battle and shows a intermingling and twisted scenes.

1. Elysium


The movie takes you to the utmost advanced nation of 2051 where wealthy lives and luxurious individuals are dwelling over a man-made station but on the other hand some people are living life on a ruined part of earth. The Matt Damon, hero of the movie, uses his technical and analytic abilities to save these ruined men and develops equality among all the people. Elysium will surely rock this year and will be super hit movie of 2013 so movie lovers should watch it on its date of release.

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