Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in 2013

Songs and singers have been known since ancient times in introducing love and romance. Where we see the element of entertainment and recreation, we cannot forget to include the element of songs to boost up the enjoyment and enthusiasm. In terms of songs, both male and female singers are remembered but pleasing voice uttered by best male singers has immense impact on the mental counseling and emotional intensification. We have often encountered many public places where songs are being played to create a jolly environment. Singers have set out a number of their loved ones throughout the world regardless of the language in which they sing song. People love listening to their voice in leisure. Under given is the arrangement of top 10 most popular male singers in 2013. The listed singers are the best singers of 2013 for their popularity throughout the world.

10. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the youngest and decent singer ever in the top most ranked singer list for 2013. He is a Canadian singer born in 1994 and manifested his singing talents in 2008 before the public from where he got boost in the popularity and now he is among best selling singers of the world. He is the guy with most of his fans are young girls because he has reached such a peak in the beginning of his career.

9. David Guetta

David Guetta

The participation of David Guetta can never be diminished as he has imparted the music industry with hit songs in collaboration with other singers. He won the award of best international artist in Eska Music Awards. Most of critics of music say that he is one of the world’s best singers of our age.

8. Pitbull


Armando Cristian Pérez is the real name of an outstanding singer to whom people called Pitbull. He has developed the songs in very different way by blending the musical instruments and thus built up his shining career. His song titled “Rain over me” and “Give me everything” are still part o clubs and disco dance places to fervor the people ecstasy.

7. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

Don’t Wanna Go Home was the utmost sold item song of the young singer named Jason Derlu. He is an American song writer and found to be the important upcoming singer in 2013. He uses his artistic skills to produce more charming songs rather than adopting a casual style. He debuted in 2009 so he can be termed as an emerging artist of 2013.

6. Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Christopher Brown is professionally called as Chris in the world of entertainment. He is an American song writer and composer. He started his singing career during his childhood and predicted himself to be a talented singer in the upcoming year. His recently released album F.A.M.E and Fortune that has made a pronounced value yet the later one scored the top position on Billboard 2000. His famous songs include “With you, Forever” and “She Isn’t You” characterizes the loveliness of his voice.

5. Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz is the most skilled British entertainer in the form of record producer and song writer and best as a singer. He has contributed with other rocking pop singers including Usher and David Guetta. He has participated effectively in the album of later singer to which he named “Nothing but the Beat.” Recently, he has announced his official album TY.O which will rock in 2013. He has already thrilled the audience with his album named Departure.

4. Adam Levine

Adam Levine

Aam Levine has managed to maintain a position titled fourth among top most popular male singers in 2013. This handsome and smart guy is top rated singer, artist, composer and importantly a guitarist. In a renowned pop music band Maroon 5, he was the distinctively exposed well played guitarist.

3. Drake


Aubrey Drake Graham has taken third position in the present list of top most popular male singers. He is spread among the mass with his nick name Drake and he has released countless wild albums. He is Canadian singer, artist and songwriter which mean he is a man of art. Drake has been nominated three times for BET and Juno Awards. His latest album “Take care” released in July, 2012 is making huge business.

2. Usher


Whether the list formulate or decompose, the name of Usher can never be deleted from the nominated list. He ranked to be the second most popular mind blowing singer in the top 10 world’s most popular male singer for the year 2013. He is better known to be the King of Pop music in America. He won the award titled R&B Artist in 2011. His voice has distinctiveness and ubiquitous in nature and existence among all popular male singers.

1. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

It has always been recalled and discussed that Bruno Mars would be on the top of most popular singers in the upcoming year although the decision may change but the voice of Bruno Mars can never be transformed to lose top most ranking. Peter Gene Hernande is his real name and he is famous as his public lover name, the Bruno Mars. He was born in a musician family and thus music lies in his blood and bone. The winner of Grammy nominations has countless fans in American and other European countries which make him the most popular singer of 2013.

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