Top 10 Best International Soccer Teams of 2013

Soccer is an unforgettable sport of all times and in all ages. It has been loved so much among all over the people around the globe. The reason for such a versatile sports game is the excitement and speediness of the game by which a soccer player plays using his artistic skills and arts. You can never keep watching and getting bore because none of the moment spares you to do so. The momentum of the soccer is very fascinating particularly for the youngsters and you have a lot of actions and dramatic scenes to observe during breakthrough of a match in an international ground. Truly, a good game can only be played by a team worthy of it. Let’s have an idea about the top 10 best international soccer teams of 2013.

10. Croatia

Croatia Football Team

Croatia comes last in the battle for the top rated soccer team. The team has yet to be made enough struggles for a huge victory. More than a century ago, the national team of Croatia was founded. The highest ranking achieved by Croatia national team is 5 which was way back in 1998 but a lot is expected from Croatia in 2013.

9. Russia

Russian Football Team

The coach of the Russian soccer team, Capello remarked about the team progress that his team would uplift his back in the upcoming FIFA world cup and definitely put aside the opponents with considerable strength. In the current year, 1084 points were awarded to this team.

8. Colombia

Colombia Football Team

For the soccer lovers, this is very exciting new that Colombia has put their team name in the top 10 best soccer time of the world for the first time. The team showed 100% efficiency in the year 2012 generating quality points of 1110.

7. Netherlands

Netherlands Football Team

It has uniqueness and honor to have finals of the world cup for the three times but yet did not prove to be the sole one out these matches. The FIFA has ranked this as best soccer team in the year 2011 because in 2010 team played the cracking finals with Germany.

6. England

England Football Team

The founder and promoter of the soccer is the England soccer team which is governed by the football federation of England. Although, it has never gained gigantic achievement in the recent years yet the players are coming in this team with flying colors and just team spirit and integrity are lacking. Due to which it remained masked in the year 2011 and 2012.

5. Italy

Italy Football Team

The recently played mind blowing match between Italy and republic of Ireland proved that Italy is becoming the best soccer team day by day. Top goal scorer and strong defense line of Italy soccer team are the factors which have put forward this team before the public and media. 2008 FIFA training matches highlight the importance of this team in the world.

4. Portugal

Portugal Football Team

Portugal comes under those teams who have touched the heights of fame and respect with very short interval of time because of players having supreme abilities of dodging and quickness imparted great advantages to Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo is mostly appraised player among the lovers of Portugal. This team has been rated best international soccer team with quality points of 1178.

3. Argentina

Argentina Football Team

Argentina soccer team is managed by the football association of the Argentina. The Madonna is probably the legend of the soccer, belonged to the Argentina. The team has gained positions not unique one but optimistically, remained unbeatable by the lower categories of team. Argentina had won the 1978 and 1986 FIFA World Cup.

2. Germany

Germany Football Team

Germany with quality points of 1421 has got second position in the title of best international teams for the year 2013. Tremendous players of the Germany can be quoted at this time who have tricky legs to roll the ball two and fro dodging the opponents in magician way. Unluckily, the German soccer team has not won the European championship but the victorious team can never be compromised in low grades.

1. Spain

Spain Football Team

Spain is the best soccer team of the world in the current international ranking of the FIFA 2013. If we began counting the winnings of Spain then we can explore the potential and accelerated spirit of the team in a meaningful way. History tells that Spain has introduced many famous players who have offered many fantastic soccer matches to the audience. The recent 2012 and the previous 2008 and 2010 European championship awards are the strong evidence supporting the best international soccer team of the year 2013.

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